Excited About June

June is off to a pretty outrageous start because right now I am here:


And as soon as I leave, I am going here for our very good friends engagement party:


Life is pretty good!!  Sometimes I cannot believe how lucky I am.  Truly blessed.






The flowers of June.  Hopefully all the rain from May will make our gardens bloom with these colorful flowers.  I am also excited about…

summer nights

Long summer nights….

Wedding season… How many couples do you know getting married this month?


Time up at the lake…  The lake is just 30 minutes from town.  Once you are there it feels like you are miles not minutes from home.

 My love is turning 30!  Happy [almost] Birthday RKJ!

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Bash / Caipirinha

In honor of our upcoming trip I thought we should get our taste buds excited for the food and beverages of Brazil.  [OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!!  Sorry…side note.]  Brazil’s national cocktail is the Caipirinha which is a combination of muddled lime, sugar, and Cachaça served over ice.  Cachaça is similar to rum except Cachaça is made with sugarcane while rum is made with molassas.


Take a good size lime, cut it into 8 wedges, and place 4 wedges in a rocks glass

Add two teaspoons of sugar, mash the lime and sugar with a muddler for 15 seconds

Add crushed ice up to the rim of the glass

Add two ounces of Cachaça, stir thoroughly, and garnish with a lime wedge

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Recipe: here

Sweet Home

Here are some pics from my trip home to Chicago.  Love it there.  Sigh.

I roamed around the city at night, spent the day with my Aunt when we walked around Bucktown and found an incredible ribbon and button store called Soutache and a lovely flower shop called Larkspur.  I love city driving.  Chicagoan’s are the best drivers (in my opinion) and exploring the architecture in different neighborhoods is one of my favorite thigns to do when I am in Chicago.

I also love nights at home with my family, a classic movie (we watched Wood Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite), cookies and wine.  It was Mother’s Day so we treated the lady of the house to peony’s, fresh cut flowers from the garden and a home made breakfast of fruit salad and rhubarb and strawberry crepes.  Oh, sweet home Chicago!

Paper / Printerette Press

Coming straight at you from St. Paul, Minnesota presenting Printerette Press.  Say that 10 times fast!  A one woman show but what a show it is.  Printerette Press was started by Catherine in 2009.  All of her letterpress work is done on her 100 year old, 1000 pound press.  I love her addition of watercolors.  Those letterpress/watercolor wedding invitations are so special!  I love how creative she is and how she has not tied herself down to one specific style.  Her custom work looks amazing.  Speaking of…I think I will be needing some new stationary now.


Style / Ring Me

I have always had a thing for jewelry.  Not diamonds and pearls but bold, fun and head turning accessories.  There are a few things I never leave the house without: moisturizer on my face, mascara on my lashes, and rings on my fingers.  I am more likely to head back home to grab a forgotten ring then I am to grab my forgotten cell phone.  I feel naked without something colorful, complimentary or sentimental dangling from my digits.  Here are a few I am eyeing now:

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.26.24 PM

Jacquie Aiche, $99

 CC Skye Pave Wicked Ring, $242

Sabine, $28

Kenneth Jane Lane, $60.81

Forever 21, $6.80

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $88

Kate Spade New York, $48.89

Banana Republic, $45.99

Vita Fede, $231*

*Wish list ring

Paper / W + K Studio

I am racking my brain trying to recall where I came across W + K Studio but despite my early onset memory loss I am happy they are now in my life.  Besides cards and t-shirts they have cheeky kids gear including onesies that don’t scream “baby!”

Even though Mother’s Day just past us by for no reason is as good as any reason to celebrate Mom with a card.  She would much prefer the paper version over the tattoo.

I love this versatile card good for pretty much every occasion.

Father’s Day is coming up next!  Plan ahead.

Cards are $4 and are made here in the PNW (that’s Pacific Northwest kids) in the lovely state of Oregon.  Other items for sale include prints ($15-$20), stationary sets ($20-$30) and tea towels ($15).

Source: All images from W+K Studio

Petal / My Favorite Yellow Flower

As I previously mentioned, I have a minor major obsession with the color yellow.  It got me thinking about how a lot of my favorite flowers are also yellow.  When I was little my dad used to call me his sunflower so naturally sunflowers were my favorite.


They are tall, bright and have a lot of personality.

Now one of my favorites are Craspedia.  They are simple, petal-less, and long lasting.



They are fast becoming popular wedding flowers because of their modern shape and husband-friendly appeal.







What do you think about more modern flowers?  Could they become as classic a wedding flower as roses or are they now “flowery” enough?

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