Petal / Foxy

How wild are these?  They are Foxtail Lilies otherwise knows as desert candles.  They will tower in your garden and look best in mixed beds or on the borders.

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Petal / My Favorite Yellow Flower

As I previously mentioned, I have a minor major obsession with the color yellow.  It got me thinking about how a lot of my favorite flowers are also yellow.  When I was little my dad used to call me his sunflower so naturally sunflowers were my favorite.


They are tall, bright and have a lot of personality.

Now one of my favorites are Craspedia.  They are simple, petal-less, and long lasting.



They are fast becoming popular wedding flowers because of their modern shape and husband-friendly appeal.







What do you think about more modern flowers?  Could they become as classic a wedding flower as roses or are they now “flowery” enough?

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Excited About May

I know we are already a week into May but there  is a lot to be excited about.  Things to look forward to this May:

sweet home 1

Quick trip home to Chicago. I love my hometown in May.  Perfect weather for neighborhood walks, runs along the lake and dining alfresco.

saz takes nyc

Stopping in NYC on the way home from a BIG trip for friends engagement party.  I am one lucky girl.

SPOT PRAWNS.  So you know how some people have a favorite food?  One that they can eat endless quantities of for days on end and never get tired of?  Well, that is me and spot prawns.  The season is short – just 3-4 weeks but in that amount of time I will happily eat way more then my share of those tasty little guys.  Here is a clip of my favorite dish being made at my favorite restaurant:


It’s peony season!


And hydrangeas are here!

Enjoy the rest of May!

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Petal / Multiple Vases

I’m a collector.  I collect Revlon nail polish, greeting cards, stationary, big rings and vases.  I also collect small vases.  I have a collection of milk glass vases and a collection of blue glass vases I have had since I was a teenager.  I love the look of lots of vases clustered together with flowers.  The punch of multiple smaller vases can be just as impactful in a room as one giant vase and it is so much cheaper!  Take a look at what I mean:







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A design element of the home I am the most impressed with is a good vignette. When a surface is styled with a small collection of things or just random objects.  It is the perfect finishing touch to a space.  It often looks unintentional but getting it right takes a skilled and well-styled eye.  Here are a few I’ve come across lately that I love.

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Excited About April

I know we are a few days into the month but I am really excited about April!  Here are a few reasons why:

Family Birthdays celebrated from a distance.  My sister and my father are both celebrating birthdays this month and all three of us live in different countries.  A few weeks back I sent my sister a care package with homemade decorations, candy, those number birthday candles and other little treats.  I wish I could see her face when she opens it!  I still need a good gift idea for my dad.  He is a writer, a lover of books, and a teacher.  Any ideas?

April showers bring these flowers:



Magnolia's on the tree in front of our house

Spring Family Ski Trip!

I cannot do that but I do love Whistler

First race of the season.  It’s only a 10k but my first half marathon of the season is only a few weeks later!

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Petal / Pretty in Pink

I am not what you would call a girly-girl.  I have my moments when I randomly burst into tears while talking with my boyfriend, love magazines and painting my nails but that’s pretty much the extent of it.  Given that Mother Nature has decided to bestow upon the Pacific Northwest an excruciatingly long and grey winter (note that I did not mention cold or snowy…thanks Mama N!) I have been filling our house with flowers to brighten things up.  But not just anyflowers.  Pretty, girly pink flowers.  Hope they bring some warmth to your world as they have to mine!

My desk

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