Seeing it Everywhere / Decorate with Leaves

One of the most affordable ways to create fall decor is to use what we have.  I have a lawn.  My lawn has trees on it.  Thus I have free decor right outside my doorstep.  It can be as simple as putting a branch in a pretty vase or going one step further and painting or hanging the foliage you find.






I love this image I got from Bri’s instagram.  Great idea and awesome expression.

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Yellow Obsession

Have you heard about my obssession with yellow home decor?  No?  Let me remind you…





I just love a pop of yellow.  It adds a punch to a room.  I could have yellow accents in every room in my house.  Actually, sneaky yellow, you are in almost every room in my house!  I might be time for a yellow intervention.

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Bash / Cinco de Mayo DIY’s

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and though historically we are celebrating the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla traditionally and socially its a day to enjoy the rich food and traditions of our neighbors to the South.  We are having friends over tonight for a little fiesta and I made these garlands to hang around the house. Here is the DIY from Oh Happy Day!  Have a great weekend!

PS  It is also the Kentucky Derby this weekend.  Cinco de Derby!  Here is a great mint julep recipe:

julep1 Classic Mint Julep

2 oz bourbon whiskey (I use Makers Mark)

1/2 oz simple syrup or a level teaspoon of sugar

2 fresh mint sprigs

Gently bruise 1 spring of mint in the bottom of glass with the simple syrup or sugar. Fill the glass with crushed ice and add half the bourbon.  Stir.  Top with more crushed ice and the other half of the bourbon.  Garnish with the second mint sprig.  Serve with a straw.

But don’t forget to use your mint julep cups!  During the year I use mine as vases.  They finally get to fulfill their mint julep destiny.


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Petal / Multiple Vases

I’m a collector.  I collect Revlon nail polish, greeting cards, stationary, big rings and vases.  I also collect small vases.  I have a collection of milk glass vases and a collection of blue glass vases I have had since I was a teenager.  I love the look of lots of vases clustered together with flowers.  The punch of multiple smaller vases can be just as impactful in a room as one giant vase and it is so much cheaper!  Take a look at what I mean:







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Office Accessories

The office is the room in our house that feels the least completed.  I cannot wait to get it to the place where I can start adding a mix of classic, fun and colorful accessories like these.


School House Electric 1960’s IBM Standard Issue Clock, $235 *

* = wish list item

Crafted by Lindy Personalized Stationary Set, $12.50

One of many sets I have.  You know me, I have a thing for paper.

Ferm Living Neon Pink Pin Board, EUR $50

Present & Correct From the Desk of…Rubber Stamps, $12.50

Ferm Living Yellow Letter Tray, EUR $30

Present and Correct Button Push Pins, £14.00


Spotted horse note card set. $10.

Soon enough IBM clock.  Soon enough I will have the perfect place for you.

Soooo Canadian…

I had never heard of The Bay before I moved to Canada.  It’s a popular Canadian department store.  I have become obsessed with their iconic striped print so much so that for the past 9 months my go-to purse is a canvas Hudson Bay tote bag.  I am on my second one.  At $10 it’s a steal.  Once it gets dirty, wash it and the faded stripes makes for a stylish grocery bag.  Now I notice the Hudson Bay stripe everywhere.  What do you think of this simple, bold stripe?

Knitting this is on my to do list!

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A design element of the home I am the most impressed with is a good vignette. When a surface is styled with a small collection of things or just random objects.  It is the perfect finishing touch to a space.  It often looks unintentional but getting it right takes a skilled and well-styled eye.  Here are a few I’ve come across lately that I love.

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Bash / Revisiting An Old Friend

I’m not sure the use of mason jars in party decor will ever go out of style.  Why would they?  They are inexpensive, can be styled in hundreds of ways and are appealing to the masses.  Here some some of the new ways to use an old favorite:

A little glue, a little glitter and you have a modern sparkly jar

Cut a hole in the lid and put large or small lights in for a luminous glow

Carve a flower pattern into the lid and have the center hole be for a straw

Make the mason jar the star of the table

But why update a classic?

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