Seeing it Everywhere / Gold Geometry

I’m on trend and don’t even know it.  I am in the midst of planning our wedding (!!!) and given my love of all things paper, petal and bash *wink* I’m sure you can understand how fun and difficult all the decisions can be.

I came across these gold cubes on CB2 and thought they could be a great prop for table decor, hanging behind the alter or as a general theme.


CB2. $16.95 CA for the set.

Then my friend showed me these escort cards.


When I saw them, it solidified my decision to use a gold, geometric pattern as a theme.  Plus wouldn’t these make a great DIY?  Here are some other goodies I’ve found that I’m excited to incorporate.


Sphere hanging mobile.  CB2.  $39.95 CA.

The florist we’re using has this piece she used for another wedding.  Perfect, right?


Here are a few other ideas I’m not sure if I’m using but are cute nonetheless.




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Seeing it Everywhere / Grey and Gold

I love gold.  Not necessarily the Au heavy stuff but I realize I wear mostly (faux) gold jewelry, love gold accents and generally gravitate towards the warm sparkly tones of yellow and rose gold as opposed to the cool, metallic nature of chrome or silver.   Recently, I started spotting grey and gold together.  It’s kind of the best of both worlds isn’t it?  Here are some great examples.

Grey and gold1

grey and gold2


(I mean dream bag…)

grey gold4

grey and gold5

grey and gold6

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Style / Flats

Is it just me or are these flats both masculine and decidedly feminine at the same time?  I have seen a few people wearing flats in this shape and I l.o.v.e. them!

Maryam Shoe

Maryam Nassir Zadeh. $311.

So chic.  $78.

Sparkly by Marc.  $250.


Peachy keen. $150.

 Thanks coco + kelley for cementing it for me – these loafer are a must have.  I predict these are the IT style for fall.

Tote it Around

As I have mentioned here, I carry a Hudson Bay tote bag as my purse.  It’s the perfect size to hold anything I may be carrying around with me.  Yoga mat? Yep, it fits.  Potting soil?  Check.  Bouquet of flowers?  Easy.  I’ve spotted some super cute totes that have me considering an update.  Hello hand dyed hot pink with the leather strap.  Don’t worry Hudson Bay Bag, you’re a classy gal.  I’ll be back.

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I watched an incredible movie last night called Tiny Furniture.  I heard an interview with the writer/director/star, Lena Dunham on NPR’s Fresh Air last year, loved the interview, vowed to see the film and then forgot about it.  It was graciously welcomed back to my head because Lena has a new HBO show called Girls that started this past Sunday night.  You may have heard about it here or here.  I watched that right after the film because I wanted more of her voice.  Not the sound but her honest, witty, real-world, struggling 20-something perspective.  There is this quote in the New York Magazine article – “It’s a show about life lived as a rough draft—something well intentioned, possibly promising, but definitely begging for cruel critiques…”  I have lived like that.  Sometimes I think I still am living like that, as a rough draft.  Friends and Sex and the City spoke to a generation of women but in an intangible, unrealistic way.  The girls in Girls are living a life far more similar to the lives women today – struggling, not perfect, trying to figure it out.

Here’s the trailer for Tiny Furniture.  I looked up Girls on YouTube and was able to watch the first episode.

Here is the trailer for Girls.  Are you going to tune in?

Soooo Canadian…

I had never heard of The Bay before I moved to Canada.  It’s a popular Canadian department store.  I have become obsessed with their iconic striped print so much so that for the past 9 months my go-to purse is a canvas Hudson Bay tote bag.  I am on my second one.  At $10 it’s a steal.  Once it gets dirty, wash it and the faded stripes makes for a stylish grocery bag.  Now I notice the Hudson Bay stripe everywhere.  What do you think of this simple, bold stripe?

Knitting this is on my to do list!

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Bed Time

You know that moment when you slip into the soft, cold, crisp sheets on your bed and there is that second when you are chilly but then just that quickly you are snug and warm?  Today I am dreaming about that moment.  While I cannot jump into bed for a few more hours at least I can look at these comfy beds and dream…

When I finally would tear myself out of this cosy bed, I would sit and have coffee on that darling little patio

Apparently I really like a neutral bedroom.  Good night!

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Bash / Revisiting An Old Friend

I’m not sure the use of mason jars in party decor will ever go out of style.  Why would they?  They are inexpensive, can be styled in hundreds of ways and are appealing to the masses.  Here some some of the new ways to use an old favorite:

A little glue, a little glitter and you have a modern sparkly jar

Cut a hole in the lid and put large or small lights in for a luminous glow

Carve a flower pattern into the lid and have the center hole be for a straw

Make the mason jar the star of the table

But why update a classic?

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Nothing Rhymes with Orange…

…but a lot of things rhyme with tangerine!  Tangerine is the *it* color of the spring.  I see it popping up everywhere. Tangerine Tango was named the Pantone Color of the Year.  Do you agree?  Are you ready for the clean glean of tangerine to hit the scene?  Silly rhyming.  Rhymes courtesy of  this super fun site.

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