This past weekend had an its-been-a-while-since-I’ve-seen-you theme to it.  First, I re-watched one of my favorite sports movies, Breaking Away.  It was filmed at my alma mater, Indiana University, and focuses on a group of friends finding themselves and competing in an annual bike race called The Little 500.  This weekend was the Little 5 in Bloomington so it felt appropriate to watch it and introduce some bike loving friends to a classic sports film.  The trailer is awful (so 1979) so here is a scene.  Two characters not in this scene are a lanky and hilarious Daniel Stern and an abs of steel Dennis Quaid.  It was Daniel Sterns first movie!

Next, on Saturday while reading a book about 20th century architecture and design I came across Gerrit Rietveld’s Schroder House.

Rietveld Schröderhuis (Maison Schröder de Rietveld)

The house looked so familiar but I couldn’t place it.  I kept reading.  It is in Utrchet, Netherlands and is one of the most famous examples of the De Stijl style of design.  Then it hit me.  The summer after high school while traveling in Europe I biked past this house!  I was with my friend and her sister, then a second year architecture student, who told us about this influential home.  Silly story to share but it made me really happy that I had seen such an important architectural gem in person!

Also revisited this weekend:

Goldfish snacks!  So good!  Why do I not always eat you?!?

Nirvana Unplugged in New York.  We listened to this in the car all weekend long.  More specifically we listened to this song over and over and over again…beautiful and raw.


Late afternoon naps.  I never nap and after a late night Saturday and a super active Sunday morning, I plopped down in my sunny bedroom and took a 45 minute nap.  Amazing.

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