I watched an incredible movie last night called Tiny Furniture.  I heard an interview with the writer/director/star, Lena Dunham on NPR’s Fresh Air last year, loved the interview, vowed to see the film and then forgot about it.  It was graciously welcomed back to my head because Lena has a new HBO show called Girls that started this past Sunday night.  You may have heard about it here or here.  I watched that right after the film because I wanted more of her voice.  Not the sound but her honest, witty, real-world, struggling 20-something perspective.  There is this quote in the New York Magazine article – “It’s a show about life lived as a rough draft—something well intentioned, possibly promising, but definitely begging for cruel critiques…”  I have lived like that.  Sometimes I think I still am living like that, as a rough draft.  Friends and Sex and the City spoke to a generation of women but in an intangible, unrealistic way.  The girls in Girls are living a life far more similar to the lives women today – struggling, not perfect, trying to figure it out.

Here’s the trailer for Tiny Furniture.  I looked up Girls on YouTube and was able to watch the first episode.

Here is the trailer for Girls.  Are you going to tune in?


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