Soooo Canadian…

I had never heard of The Bay before I moved to Canada.  It’s a popular Canadian department store.  I have become obsessed with their iconic striped print so much so that for the past 9 months my go-to purse is a canvas Hudson Bay tote bag.  I am on my second one.  At $10 it’s a steal.  Once it gets dirty, wash it and the faded stripes makes for a stylish grocery bag.  Now I notice the Hudson Bay stripe everywhere.  What do you think of this simple, bold stripe?

Knitting this is on my to do list!

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One thought on “Soooo Canadian…

  1. Not sure what it is about those iconic stripes but I love them. I have collected many Hudson Bay striped articles over the years – blankets, pillows, clothing etc. My home office garbage pail is a big H.B. bucket that was originally sold full of popcorn.

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